Precision Machining

The oil gas and petrochemical industry is full of a diverse range of demanding engineering applications.  Servicing this requires total precision machining and engineering of performance critical parts.  Our highly skilled workforce, sophisticated machine tools and stringent design and quality standards, make us the one-stop-shop for all your precision machining needs.
Our diverse range of plant and equipment allows us to supply either a one off bespoke component, or a whole batch - whatever the requirement.  Batch size isn’t our only flexibility.  Again, due to the range of plant we are able to offer machined components from around 20mm to 1100mm over a variety of lengths – rough machined through to precision finish machined components, the possibilities are endless.  

The addition of a Puma 700 LY Lathe has expanded our existing services, adding to our capacity and enabling us to deliver the highest quality service possible. This is achieved by turning and milling on the same machine which reduces set up times and eliminates the need to move a component from one machine to another.
The following is a brief overview of the capabilities of the Puma 700 LY Lathe:

  • Max. Turning Dia. 900mm.
  • Max. Length 1600mm.
  • 200mm Y travel.
  • 12 Tool stations.
  • 80mm Dia. devibe bars.
  • 60hp motor.
  • Full C axis.
  • Max. weight 5t.



Health, Safety & Environment

Health, Safety & EnvironmentHealth, safety & the environment is at the forefront of everything we...

Health, Safety & Environment

Health, safety & the environment is at the forefront of everything we do.  The company has it’s own dedicated team of HSE managers and committees to maintain and expedite our rigorous procedures, controls and HSE policy.  Our policy clearly defines procedures for the health and safety of all the company’s employees and on-site contractors.  We adhere to stringent measures for safe working systems, accident/hazard reporting, accident investigation, personal protective equipment, training, noise, vibration, risk assessment etc.
In addition, we have a formal environmental management system which, in combination with processes and procedures already in place, enables us to work towards BS EN ISO: 14001 and OHSAS: 18001 and governs our methods of working to reduce our carbon footprint and limit adverse environmental effects due to our processes.
Forging & Heat Treatment

Forging & Heat TreatmentSpecialist open die forging manufacturer producing bespoke forgings up to 2.5 Tonnes in the var...

Forging & Heat Treatment

Specialist open die forging manufacturer producing bespoke forgings up to 2.5 Tonnes in the various oil patch material grades from low alloy through to nickel alloys. With our range of specialised open die forge equipment we are able to manufacture a range of component types to customer and industry specifications.
To encompass a total one stop supplier, we have our in-house heat treatment facility, fully equipped to process the range of materials above.  Meeting the varied and demanding specifications set out by the oil gas and petrochemical industry is paramount, and control of processes is key.  Therefore, with limited sub-contract intervention we can ensure minimal delays combined with a fully traceable product.
Everything we manufacture is engineered with safety and integrity.